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Technology Has Your Back


No matter the field of activity we work in, it is quite likely that our work features ergonomic constraints. Whether we are sitting at a desk all day or performing demanding manual tasks, our work often involves constraining postures. While there are several ways to limit the impact of our work on our body, it is also possible to make our environment more ergonomic thanks to… technology! Indeed, some innovations are especially designed to help us achieve a better posture at work. Here are three products that retained our attention:

The Vertical Mouse

The computer mouse is such a familiar item that no one ever really questions its design. In reality, the design of basic mouse does not favor optimal wrist comfort! Indeed, the position of our hand when we hold the mouse exerts pressure that can result in pain on the wrist’s nerves. The vertical mouse, as its name suggests, is a computer mouse designed to “stand up”. It allows for a more natural grasp, thus reducing pressure on the articulations and the risk of cramps and aches.

The Wobble Stool

Ideally, keeping a good posture requires that you don’t spend several hours in the same, static position. The wobble stool is an excellent way to vary your seated poses. This kind of tool is also a good way to put your abdomen muscles to work, as you will need them to find and keep your balance.

The Zero-Gravity Workstation

Applied to desk or house furniture, the principle of zero gravity technology is pretty simple: let the body rest in a position where gravity does not exerts any force on it. The weight distribution provides relief for the parts of the body that are usually under stress. The principle of the zero-gravity workstation is this: lying on a chair, the person uses a keyboard set on an inclined platform and a suspended screen, both positioned according to the angle of the chair. This allows the person to work in a laid-back position, but be careful: the comfort provided by the zero-gravity chair could make you want to take a nap…

Remember that no matter the product and its ergonomic qualities, the way you use it remains the principal guarantee of success with regard to your posture. Make sure that, in addition to its ergonomic potential, the product suits your needs and is adjusted to you and your environment. If necessary, consult a kinesiologist! The latter will assess your workspace and give you sound advice to improve your posture.

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