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Olympe improves productivity, reduces OSH costs and optimizes work experience of your employees, regardless of whether the request comes from the internal or external. Olympe also works as a consultant, technical expert within your design teams, facilitator of a working group (eg. Kaizen), a subcontractor in a part or the totality of a project or even as a trainer for different departments within your organization (OSH committee, workers, managers, suppliers, etc.).

Improving Productivity and Strategic Management

  • Evaluation of the profitability of an investment project or transformation
  • Mapping focused on productivity and OSH (reducing waste and risks)
  • Optimisation 
  • Optimising workflow
  • 5S, suggestion boxes, Kaizen, work standardization

Manual Handling of Loads

  • Evaluation risk of different methods and norms
  • Evaluation and testing different ways to reduce risk
  • Assisting the implementation and conception of new handling devices

Working Posture and Musculo-skeletal Issues

  • Specific training as required
  • Computer workstations
    • Analysis, adjustments, recommendations and group training
    • Evaluation of problematic workstations or individuals
  • Industrial workstations
    • Surveillance of TMS symptoms
    • Evaluating risks of TMS using different methods in recent literature
    • Ergonomic modifications
    • Prototype testing, personnel training, transformative changes and follow ups
    • Elaboration of a workstation rotation to reduce individual injury risks
    • Improving productivity, wellness and efficiency

Work Environment

  • Thermal comfort in the office
  • Evaluation of the effects of temperature on stress based on the most recent norms
  • Evaluation of hand-arm and full body vibrations
  • Evaluation of the quaity of the visual environment based on work requiremenets and most recent litterature


  • Workstations, tools, equipment, machines, specialized clothing, work schedules
  • Usability test protocols for equipment, tools, work environment and products 
  • Safe work processes
  • Various materials to help training and visual management in the factory

“ Improve your productivity, reduce your health and safety costs and optimize the work experience of your organization through ergonomics.

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