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Download the list of available themes or write to us to learn more. Here is a list of themes that we are able to address.

Physical activity and well-being

Running: Keys to Success at Every Level
Workshop   Conference

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned runner, adopt the best practices before, during and after an outing. Food, running technique, gear: put all the chances on your side to avoid injury.

Losing Weight: For the Better or for the Worse?

Discover healthy ways to lose a significant amount of weight. This conference will give you tools to better understand your metabolism and adopt new life habits, all the while avoiding the traps of weight loss.

Sleeping’s first aid kit
Teleconference   Conference

Have you ever had sleep problems? Do you have trouble sleeping right now? Know that you’re not alone. A good night sleep is a key element to productivity at work. By attending this conference you’ll learn about the reasons why but mostly how to meet again with the famous sandman.


The New Age of Nutrition: Does it Taste Good?
Workshop   Conference

Change your vision of food and see all the options available to make some spice on your plate! Discover new nutritional trends and tips from health professionals.

Lunchbox Revolution
Workshop   Conference

Discover what to include in your lunchbox to eat well all day long. Plenty of tips will be proposed for a better planning and a fuller grocery cart filled with healthy food for varied, nutritious and original meals.

A Winning Eating Attitude

Discover synchronized nutrition, so important for every athlete either wishing to perform or to avoid weariness or undertraining. Stamina, strength, power: no matter your training, you must include the right nutrients.

Health and Security

Back Pain and Manual Material Handling
Workshop   Conference

This interactive training will help you target risky situations and will give you practical tips to keep your back healthy, notably with the help of exercises specialized in the prevention of back pains. You will also be put to the test to check the strengths and weaknesses of your body.

The Secret to a Posture Without Injury
Training Course

Office work usually means long, static hours. A bad posture and a deficient layout can cause aches and discomforts. Learn techniques to be comfortable and efficient in order to reduce the risk of injury.

Human Capital

Team Building
Workshop   Conference

In a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, learn the different elements fit to develop a functional team spirit in order to improve the synergy at the core of your organization.

The Work Life Balance Challenge

Lack of time? Can’t catch your breath? To maintain balance between work and personal life is a constant challenge. Get tools to preserve or restore balance in your life!

Conflict Prevention

Prevent eventual conflicts by learning to communicate in a non-violent way to create a stimulating environment where respect and collaboration reign. This conference will allow you to become a better communicator, both at work and in your personal life.

Telecommuting: Adapting To Stay Healthy

Telecommuting provides more flexibility and autonomy for your employees. When telecommuting, they are in full control of their workspace and of the tasks they must accomplish. But how can you help them stay healthy, both physically and mentally, when they are not physically together? This teleconference is just what you need to guide your employees towards choosing the proper equipment, adjusting their workstation efficiently and creating a safe and healthy working environment in their homes.

Olympe conferences, lasting from 45 to 90 minutes, give your public an opportunity to learn, from the mouth of an expert, important notions on a wide range of topics.

Olympe workshops are dynamic learning opportunities monitored by expert resources and seasoned communicators. A theoretical basis, immediately integrated into the action through simulations, tests and games.

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