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Relaxing to be well at work

By Mylène Poirier
Olympe Kinesiologist

Did you know that in Quebec, 40% of sick leaves are linked to mental health problems? And what is most people’s main source of stress? Their workplace.

The causes are multiple and often difficult to deal with: performance pressure linked to established standards, excess workload due to a shortage of personnel or a high turnover rate, or even difficult relations with co-workers. In those circumstances, not letting such things stress us out is much easier said than done.

However, there are quite a few strategies that one can use to dampen the impacts of everyday stress. One of those is relaxation, because it enables you to restore your energy level, heighten your focus and improve your alertness.

How to relax effectively

Just take a few minutes for yourself a few times during the day. You must clear your mind so that you can resume your tasks more effectively later. It is therefore very important for you to take every break you are entitled to in a different environment so you can recharge, take a breath, stay alert, remain motivated and regain your focus. Do not hesitate to go outside for a few minutes, to move around or to do a few relaxation exercises.

Avoid demanding too much of your body and your mind; doing so could wear them out prematurely!


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