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When Healthy Rimes With Novelty: 4 Wellness Trends to Try


Many of us know about traditional wellness activities: yoga, relaxation, spa and meditation are usually part of the lot. In the last few years, many variations have been added to the list of activities that all have the same goal: allow us to find and take care of ourselves. Here are 3 trends and ways of thinking that remind us that wellness is a priority.

Wellness Festivals

More and more popular, those events wish to put forward fitness training, meditation and healthy nutrition. Often orchestrated on beaches or in fields, those festivals use “going back to basics” as their fundamental theme. Yoga, spas, relaxing baths, meditation and conferences are at the heart of that kind of festivals. Amongst the most physical exercises, we denote high-intensity interval training (HIIT), paddle boarding and many group activities that are meant to develop human connexions.


Mindfulness has been thriving in the last few years. Derived from lots of meditation techniques, mindfulness is actually a stream of thoughts that wants us to fully appreciate each moment by paying a particular attention to our senses, thoughts, environment and feelings. Amongst benefits of mindfulness are stress, anxiety and psychological distress reduction, improvement of sleep quality and increase of attention.

Physical Activity as a Prescription

This new stream of thoughts is born from a non-profit project conjointly organized by the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Medical Association and now finds derivates among lots of countries. The goal of the initiative is to prescribe physical activity in all medical treatments and encourage doctors to promote the benefits of physical exercises amongst their patients by accompanying them into the process of including sports in their spheres of activities. Popular amongst doctors, this way of thinking could help to improve national obesity rates and to counter psychological distress.

Floatation Baths

Floatation baths are actually an egg-shaped compartment that offers a complete meditation experience thanks to complete sensory isolation. Dived into total darkness and silence, you’ll float in the water as in a weightlessness condition thanks to a big quantity of diluted Epsom salts. The air and water temperatures are the same as the body’s, making it impossible to distinguish one from the other. The total absence of stimuli allows for the body to relax the central nervous system so that the alpha waves, usually associated to cerebral activity, are replaced with theta waves, associated to meditation or just-before-sleep state. In short, floatable baths are the ultimate relaxation experience!

And you, how do you take care of yourself?

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