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Hydrotherapy: Wellness Above Else


If water can benefit the practice of some sports, it is also a key element of relaxation and wellness institutions. Hydrotherapy, this method of treatment which uses water at the heart of its activities, comes in three different forms with different uses. Let’s explore three aspects of a this sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but always enjoyable cure.


Who never heard of Nordic spas, those pleasant spots where celebrities hide to unwind after a scandal? Luckily for us, no need to be a star to go to one! Indeed, numerous Nordic spas opened in the province of Quebec in the last few years, some even located in the heart of big cities. Providing care with (soft water, ocean water, mud or seaweed) baths, Nordic spas have as a main goal the relaxation and comfort of participants. Hot tubs, Finnish saunas, hammam and massages are the lot of those places, which propose a wellness cure without any medical claims.


Crenotherapy uses natural thermal sources’ waters to provide relief to patients suffering from various aches. The treatment is according to the pathology of the patient and the waters’ mineral properties, which change depending on their location. Prescribed by a doctor, the thermal cure usually lasts about three weeks. It aims to break the daily life of the recipients. The care is provided by specialists (physiotherapists, nurses, hydrotherapists, etc.) four times a day. Thermal stations’ stays are punctuated by visits to a doctor to assess a patient’s state. Fun fact: depending on countries, thermal cures’ fees are partly paid for by the government in place.


Contrary to balneotherapy and crenotherapy, this cure strictly uses nature’s wonders to exercise its benefits. Exclusively practiced on the seaside, thalassotherapy uses ocean water, seaweed, sand, mud or even climate, as medicine. Sessions are entirely supervised by a doctor. Even if the advantages of practicing thalassotherapy are more disputed than those of the thermal cure, it is certain that ocean, fresh air and beach can only contribute to our wellness.

So, wanna try? To get more information about the benefits of hydrotherapy, consult a health professional who will be able to create a personalized health and wellness program for you.

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