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À vos masques, prêts, bougez! Kick-off: Get Moving with Us for the Breakfast Club of Canada!


Born of the initiative of three of Québec’s leading fitness enterprises that care about Quebecers’ health, À vos masques, prêts, bougez! is a virtual run organized to raise funds for the Breakfast Club of Canada while encouraging children to achieve their full potential and inviting Quebecers to move despite the (de)confinement imposed onto them by the COVID-19 public health crisis.

The goal of the run, scheduled to take place on Saturday, August 8th at 10:00 AM, is to cover the longest possible distance in an hour. Participants are free to choose between running, jogging or walking, and are invited to wear the specially identified facemask included with their registration and to enforce social distancing regulations. They will also be provided with a special training program designed by a professional and suited to their level of experience, namely beginner, family and advanced.

Olympic medalist Mikaël Kingsbury gracefully agreed to act as spokesperson for the event. The freestyle skier was happy to be given the opportunity to encourage all Quebecers to outdo themselves while positively impacting their children’s well-being. All profits from the event will be handed over to the Breakfast Club of Canada.

Feel like participating? Just follow these simple steps:

1- Visit site event;

2- Click “Sign Me Up!”;

3- Follow the instructions on your screen;

4- That’s it, you’re in!

À vos masques, prêts, bougez!

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