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Reading, the Key to Well-Being


Both exercise for the brain and relaxation activity, reading combines many qualities specific to personal fulfilment and well-being. If you’re still hesitating about whether or not to include this activity in your life, this article describing the benefits of reading on the body and spirit will know how to convince you.

Better psychological health

It is well known, reading allows you to escape reality and unwind. But did you know it could also contribute to improve empathy? Since reading demands investing oneself in a story, it could ease our capacity to put ourselves in someone else’s place. The more you are able to be absorbed by the book, the higher this capacity is. A study conducted by researchers from the University of Sussex also concluded that reading is very efficient to reduce stress: 6 minutes of reading reduces stress by 68 %, compared to 61 % for music hearing and 42 % for walking. Moreover, reading is often used by psychologists and other mental health professionals for what is called bibliotherapy, a method of treatment against mental afflictions which proposes to use reading to therapeutic means.

Improvement of longevity

A study conducted over ten years demonstrated that people who read frequently have a mortality level 20 % lower than non-readers…or readers who are content with their Facebook feed!

Improvement of cognitive capacities

If studies on the acquisition of language have demonstrated that speech is acquired thanks to hearing, it is logical to note that vocabulary and writing aptitudes fit one’s reading competences. In addition to writing better than non-readers, people who read have a better memory, better analytical skills of the world and the people surrounding, as well as better conversational skills. Reading works of fiction can also benefit creativity in other aspects of daily life. Transpose those situations onto a workplace: can reading make better employees? It may be true…

You want to profit from reading, but don’t know where to begin? Start by reading only a few minutes a night. You can also focus on a number of pages to reach. Start slowly as to not discourage yourself. Rapidly, you’ll notice that you want to surpass your goals, and this, out of simple self-interest! If you don’t like what you are reading, don’t force yourself to finish your book: switch novels or genre. The more you try, the more you’ll define your preferences, and the more reading will be pleasant!

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