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Keeping Your Good Habits, Even on Vacation


Vacation has arrived, it is now time to relax! Sun, beach, camping, terrace and BBQ are the lot of many vacationers. The panoply of summer activities allows us to forget our routine for a few weeks, which is an excellent thing. However, even with the erased structure of the vacation, some habits deserve to stay, like fitness training! Here are some ways you can move without feeling that you are dragging your routine into your vacation.

Hiking in nature

Are you a fan of camping? National parks, ZECs and wildlife reserves’ camping sites are generally located in proximity to hiking trails. Quite convenient if you want to go for a walk between two suppers on the grill! You will be able to practice your physical activity while enjoying both the views and nature’s benefits. Hiking equals a muscular session on exercise stairs or a conveyor belt and can benefit both athletes and someone who wants to improve their health. The difficulty levels vary depending on the paths: many are family-friendly, others will fit a personal challenge. It’s up to you to choose whatever intensity you want!

Running On-the-go

You’ve got a motorized recreational vehicle and plan to cross Quebec’s (or elsewhere) roads during summer? You don’t have to take your equipment with you to train! Take advantage of your stops to go for a run and explore; new scenery will bring a spicy touch to your run and will remind you that you are on vacation. Just remember that a good pair of running shoes, a warmup and a great running technique are mandatory. It is recommended to walk a little before and after the effort, and to do some dynamic warmup moves before running. You can also see a kinesiologist if you wish to improve your running technique and decrease the risk of injury.


Don’t want to travel this summer? The swimming pool is your go-to destination! Doing some laps at home or at your neighborhood’s pool will spice up your training and make you enjoy the sun, without heat’s disadvantages. If, on the contrary, you’re used to the pool, seize the occasion of a cottage or camping trip to do your training in the fresh lake waters! Swimming is the best no-impact aerobic sport. While simultaneously improving your cardiac frequency, it accelerates blood and lymph circulation, and requires no effort from your joints. Swimming is beneficial for everyone as it puts every muscular group into effect. You want to retain more benefits from swimming? Adapt the intensity to your capacity and vary your swims!

Mostly, enjoy your vacation as a mean of relaxation; a healthy lifestyle begins this way!

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