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Is there a physical ability that you can’t train?

By Stéphanie Boivin
Olympe kinesiologist

The main reasons to engage in physical activity are already well-numerous and extremely varied. Some people train to gain muscles, some do it to evacuate stress. Some target performance, others think of their health, first. I suggest we look at two uncommon advantages to practice physical activities.

Speed of recovery

Who experienced a comeback to training after a break without feeling the physical ravages for days after? Indeed, it is true that the body aches of a real or false beginner spread on more days than those of an athlete. A longer recovery means that we need to space out our training sessions. Therefore, an ambitious goal of 4 to 6 training sessions per week will require a well-thought training schedule to avoid overtraining or injury. After a while, you’ll notice your speed of recovery will have improved.

Mental endurance

Training often allow people to get out of their comfort zone. About that, kinesiologists often notice that endurance to any effort tends to increase for people living an athletic life. During a physical test, for example, those people will persist even when tired, whereas the less-trained ones will tend to stop at the first discomfort. It is the very proof that effort tolerance is part of the physical abilities that can be trained!

Of course, there are many unrecognized advantages to fitness training, like improving motivation and assiduity. No matter the ability that you train, you certainly have plenty of reasons to do it!

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