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Over the years, we have developed a unique expertise that makes us your one-stop source for all your workplace health, wellness, safety/environment and communications needs. Olympe offers a wide selection of efficient, up-to-date solutions that meet workers’ needs and employers’ requirements.

Whatever topic you wish to address with your employees, you can choose from our vast selection of content-rich information and awareness products that can be adapted to various kinds of supports to suit your specific needs.


With thousands of units sold each month, Olympe’s Educational Lealfet and Poster are an effective means of promoting health, safety and wellness among your organization’s personnel. Each month, a new title dealing with a specific issue, with Olympe’s unique colorful and humorous approach, is developed in both French and English. Choose the type of subscription that suits your organizational needs, or simply purchase individual titles on a one-off basis.

Olympe’s Educational Leaflet

Thanks to its handy pocket-size format and their eye-catching graphics, Olympe’s Educational Leaflet will be sure to catch the attention of all your employees. The information is presented in clear, concise text, in a style and level of language accessible to everyone. An interactive quiz on the back of each leaflet allows readers to test their knowledge or learn a little more about themselves.

Olympe’s Poster

The perfect complement to Olympe’s Educational Leaflet, Olympe’s Poster presents the basic message of the former in a few, carefully-chosen words. Its convenient size allows it to be displayed in places that will ensure maximum impact.

Now available for digital signage! Contact us for more information.

Olympe’s seminar hosting kit

Make the most of your time without worrying about the material you need. Our dynamic, comprehensive and easy-to-use seminar hosting kit enables you to organize awareness seminars in a breeze. 

With its step-by-step approach, its colorful visual aids, reference documents and pedagogical activities, Olympe’s Seminar Hosting Kit is an indispensable part of any prevention program. The hosting kit makes it easy for supervisors, instructors or any employee involved in prevention activities to host a 20 to 30 minute seminar for small groups of workers. 

Each kit includes :

  • 1 host guide
  • 1 complementary pedagogical tool (self-evaluation, quiz, etc.)
  • 6 to 8 visual aids
  • 25 educational leaflets on the topic
  • 2 corresponding posters

Olympe’s awereness kiosk

Transform your awareness campaign into an event thanks to our personalized information kiosks. Olympe can organize and host for you effective awareness campaigns on such subjects as. You can ask Olympe develop the content and visuals, rent our kiosks, and even hire our expert instructors to host or co-host your campaign.

Performance index board

Whether you want to talk about productivity or workplace safety, our performance index boards make it easy for you to inform your personnel about their collective performance. Their effectiveness as a means of communicating with workers is widely recognized.

Popular features are :

  • A bulletin board section (cork)
  • Simplified statistics monitoring sections
  • Clear or white plastic holders for internal publications
  • Frames and holders for Olympe posters and leaflets

Installed in production areas, cafeterias or even parking lots, performance index boards allow employees to see the results of their efforts and access important information in a glance. Boards installed outside the building can also be used to strengthen bonds with the community.

Promotional objects

Olympe offers a wide selection of promotional objects to support your communication activities and make sure your message gets across to your target audience. Whether adorned with your own logos, a visual taken from our selection of wellness and safety related titles, or with an original design developed specifically for you by our team of designers, these objects will be sure to capture the attention of your employees and ensure a durable impact to your messages. Upon special request, we also offer a vast selection of personalized promotional articles.