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Hybrid Conferences


If your teleworking office has not been thought ergonomically, after a whole year working from home, you might have developed pain in your neck, shoulders and/or back. Here are some tips and tricks to help you improve your posture or to avoid making your pain chronicle in the future.

Advantages of virtual conferences:

• Helps people to fight their shyness and encourages everyone to take part in it through the chat.
• Does not force anyone to excuse themselves for an emergency.
• Allows employees to do activities while listening. (Ex.: standing, running on a treadmill, on a stationary bike, etc.)
• Makes it easier to quickly create teams (if needed)
• Great for enterprises with multiple business places.
• Greater access to the activity.
• Improve the opportunities to take notes.

Advantages of onsite animation:

• Makes socialization and interactions easier.
• Creates a greater synergy throughout the group.
• Allows employees to leave their workstation for a while and stop thinking about work.
• Makes it easier to ask more personal questions to the speaker after the conference.
• Increase the impact of the questions in the room.

Contact us if you want to plan your first Olympe hybrid conference!

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