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How to Defend Yourself against Contagious Diseases like Coronavirus


Coronavirus is spreading worldwide, causing people to worry. Many don’t know how to protect themselves, so they cancel their overseas trips. Big food chains like Tim Hortons and McDonald’s now refuse to fill clients’ reusable cups The former even cancelled its “Roll Up The Rim” contest! Hence, today I will be discussing the various ways to defend yourself against Coronavirus, or COVID-19, and all other contagious diseases.

The risk of catching contagious diseases like the flu, a cold or gastroenteritis is ever present our daily lives. We are in contact with plenty of people and touch a lot of different objects and substances that can carry viruses, germs and diseases. Infections can then develop in two ways: either by penetrating the organism through the skin’s pores, or by staying on one’s hands and being ingested or inhaled when one touches their face. Washing your hands, getting vaccinated and keeping a healthy lifestyle are all effective ways to fend off contagious diseases you are exposed to every day.

Washing Your Hands

Proper hygiene and, most of all, hand hygiene is an effective way to prevent getting infected by a virus or a contagious disease. It is important to know the circumstances in which ingestions spread and to wash your hands before and after such situations. For example, you should wash your hands before and after:

  • Handling food;
  • Eating;
  • Taking care of a child;
  • Any work.

Washing your hands thoroughly and not touching your face when your hands are not clean are the first steps towards reinforcing your defenses!

Getting Vaccinated

Vaccines, especially flu vaccines, are an important means of protection against contagious diseases. They reinforce your immune system and keep diseases from spreading. While vaccines are not mandatory in Quebec, they are highly recommended by all health professionals. Keeping your vaccination record up-to-date is another step towards ensuring collective hygiene and health.

Keeping a Healthy Lifestyle

In addition to the above, keeping a healthy lifestyle in general contributes to the reinforcement of your immune system and increases your resistance to diseases. Staying in good shape by doing sports and exercising, eating wholesome food and getting sufficient rest and sleep are all good habits that will improve your protection against contagious diseases.

In short, by relying on these three methods and integrating them into your everyday life, you will build the best possible line of defense against contagious diseases that lurk everywhere you go. To learn more and to raise awareness of the issue among your colleagues, take a look at our awareness leaflet.

To get specific information regarding Coronavirus, such as symptoms and treatments, visit the Public Health Agency of Canada’s website.

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