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They have existed for over a century and a half, they have proved their effectiveness and they are a profitable investment. Health and wellness programs in the workplace allow organizations to take care of their staff in a structured and strategy way while taking into consideration the needs of both employees and the business.

Olympe assists businesses of al sizes in establishing their programs. Whether it be to reach the business in health norms or create healthy activities, our professionals can help for all steps.

To do this, Olympe has two powerful tools: over 30 years of experience in wellness in the workplace projects and the Wellness Wheel, an exclusive concept that helps guides managers and committee members in planning their activities.

Among the activities that are related to improving quality of working life, those who touch employee nutrition always have a great success. This is why we are able to provide the EquiLibre program for healthy weight management to companies in exclusivity.

“For every dollar invested in a Health and Wellness Program, you will have a return on investment of $ 4.

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