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Varied Activities for Varied Spheres


If many companies still haven’t undertook actions related to health and wellness, many other businesses are well-advanced in the implementation of their program. However, even the best health and wellness programs (HWP) sometimes need to be revamped! Indeed, a plain program or simply routine can work against your goals and demotivate your employees instead of stimulating them to reach new heights. Let’s explore some activities that all fit in different aspects of a HWP and can contribute to its originality.

Physical Activity

Having a fitness room is not the only way to motivate your employees to adopt certain habits. If you do not have exercise facilities, you can offer your employees gym subscriptions to the facilities of your city or negotiate discounts with them. If your company is located in a region where outdoors is in the spotlight, you can give your employees maps or informative documents about hiking trails and outdoor activities near the office. A discount on the national parks subscription cards can also be a great incentive to go outside!


You want to motivate your employees to eat healthier? When you organize meetings, replace the traditional donut box with fresh snacks made by the employees themselves, and exchange them in the meeting room! If you have vending machines at work, know that it is usually possible to replace sodas and chocolate bars with healthier options. Want to do more? Organize a cooking class between colleagues! It will be the opportunity for everyone to better their knowledge of nutrition while participating in a team building activity!


There are many small gestures to do to favour daily well-being. Group stretching in the morning allow for everyone to re-focus on themselves and to take moment of calm before the beginning of the day. Tips to fight stress can be sent by email a few times a week or month. Take advantage of technology: create an appreciation platform! At the end of each day, your employees will be able to share, on a forum or by email, one thing for which they are grateful today. Seeing bigger? Organize a health fair! It will be the opportunity for your employees to gather information and to be sensitized to the challenges of health and wellness.

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