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Is there a physical ability that you can’t train?

By Stéphanie Boivin
Olympe kinesiologist

The main reasons to engage in physical activity are already well-numerous and extremely varied. Some people train to gain muscles, some do it to evacuate stress. Some target performance, others think of their health, first. I suggest we look at two uncommon advantages to practice physical activities.

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Enjoying Fresh Air


Summer is the perfect timing to bring our indoor activities outside! It is also a good moment to learn about new activities either made unavailable or unappealing by winter. Here are some of them:

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Keeping Your Good Habits, Even on Vacation


Vacation has arrived, it is now time to relax! Sun, beach, camping, terrace and BBQ are the lot of many vacationers. The panoply of summer activities allows us to forget our routine for a few weeks, which is an excellent thing. However, even with the erased structure of the vacation, some habits deserve to stay, like fitness training! Here are some ways you can move without feeling that you are dragging your routine into your vacation.

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