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3 Truths and myths about nutrition


There are many saying when it comes to nutrition, but they are not all true. Mostly when we talk about weight loss. Let us separate together the truth from the myths in those three frequent ones.

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What to eat before you go on an active nature outing


More and more people are moving toward outdoors sporting activities, particularly this winter and it is perfect! Be it a cross-country skiing ride, a snowshoe excursion, or a hike, it is important to put the right kind of fuel in your body to maximize your energy output and enjoy your day outside.

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What are antioxidants and why do we need more of them to fight free radicals?

By Ava Khaksar
Olympe kinesiologist

Antioxidants are found in certain types of food and offer many health benefits. Among other things, antioxidants can block the negative effects of free radicals.

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Eat greenly, is it easy?


For the past few months, we’ve noticed a green breeze going through Quebec: more and more environmental initiatives have made their appearance in different spheres of the daily life. Gestures to reduce our environmental impact are numerous, diversified, and often way simpler than we would think!

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Varied Activities for Varied Spheres


If many companies still haven’t undertook actions related to health and wellness, many other businesses are well-advanced in the implementation of their program.

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