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Olympe’s Mental Health Conference


Through the year, employees and managers at Olympe thought a lot about behavior changes in businesses and now we wish to share the information that we gathered with businesses with our new conference on mental health. We take dive into different themes like how to identify stressful elements which deepens the resilience to organizational changes. This conference presents means to address behavioral changes in simple, jargon-free way inspired by theoretical models, management and psychology concepts otherwise difficult to obtain.

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4 ways to decrease obesity stigmatization

By Stéphanie Boivin
Olympe Kinesiologist

According to the World Health Organization, obesity is when the body mass index (BMI) is beyond 30. It is a chronic disease with multiple sources: environmental, metabolic, cultural, educational, psychological and many others. Even if this information is known, the public and the medias are frequently downplaying its complexity to a lack of physical activity and bad food habits.

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How to Defend Yourself against Contagious Diseases like Coronavirus


Coronavirus is spreading worldwide, causing people to worry. Many don’t know how to protect themselves, so they cancel their overseas trips. Big food chains like Tim Hortons and McDonald’s now refuse to fill clients’ reusable cups The former even cancelled its “Roll Up The Rim” contest! Hence, today I will be discussing the various ways to defend yourself against Coronavirus, or COVID-19, and all other contagious diseases.

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Ergonomics: An Effective Way to Prevent Work-Related Injury

By Bianca Régnier
Olympe kinesiologist

Ergonomics, a science meant to adapt work or tasks to the physical abilities of workers, could considerably reduce the number of work-related injury and health trouble, while simultaneously improving productivity and work quality. Ergonomics notably includes

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