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Make your posture better when teleworking


If your teleworking office has not been thought ergonomically, after a whole year working from home, you might have developed pain in your neck, shoulders and/or back. Here are some tips and tricks to help you improve your posture or to avoid making your pain chronicle in the future.

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Ergonomics behind the wheel

By Lysandre Le Bel
Olympe kinesiologist and prevention expert in ergonomics

The more time a people spend in a car, the more they must apply certain ergonomic measures to make sure they stay comfortable, healthy and safe.

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Maintain a healthy and active lifestyle while working from home

By Alexandra Fournier-Gonthier
Olympe Kinesiologist

One of the biggest problems from working at home is inactivity. Our main reaction to a busy workload is to sit for as long as possible until the task is done. Before you know it, hours have gone by and you have not moved from your chair.

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Technology Has Your Back


No matter the field of activity we work in, it is quite likely that our work features ergonomic constraints. Whether we are sitting at a desk all day or performing demanding manual tasks, our work often involves constraining postures. While there are several ways to limit the impact of our work on our body, it is also possible to make our environment more ergonomic thanks to… technology! Indeed, some innovations are especially designed to help us achieve a better posture at work. Here are three products that retained our attention:

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