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Breaking One’s COVID-19 Training Routine


As confinement measures are being eased for sports throughout Québec, we can now vary our physical activities and thus avoid getting bored! Here are three alternatives to your now habitual walks or runs:

1. Home fitness training

Home fitness training has become more popular than ever since the COVID-19 outbreak, mainly because it leaves a lot of room for variety while requiring very little in terms of equipment. To make the most of your training sessions and optimize your performance, ask a kinesiologist to devise a customized training program for you.

2. Outdoor sports

Now that’s summertime is back, it’s time to move from indoor fitness training to outdoor sports! The nice thing is that many outdoor sports take place on terrain and facilities that favor social distancing still in effect in Québec. If you’re an indoor sports aficionado, now is the time for you to develop or, at least, to discover new summertime passions!

3. Canicross

Canicross is fast becoming popular in Québec. It consists in running with one or more dogs harnessed by means of a specially designed belt. Not only does it allow you to run with your favorite companion, thus improving its well-being as well as your own, but it also helps strengthen the bond and reinforce the synergy between the two (or three) of you. Canicross is a great alternative to your usual jogging or running! You can also choose this option if you plan on taking part in the À vos masques, prêts, bougez! fund-raising event. After all, what would be more fun than to go running with your faithful four-legged friend?

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