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5 body weight exercises to do at home


We are proposing five exercises to do at home and will work on each muscle group of your body for a complete training and a short amount of time spent. For each of them, try to do 15 repetitions and do the sequence three times.

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3 Truths and myths about nutrition


There are many saying when it comes to nutrition, but they are not all true. Mostly when we talk about weight loss. Let us separate together the truth from the myths in those three frequent ones.

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5 common sports wardrobe mistakes


Be it to go for a walk during winter, playing outside with the kids, playing on the living room carpet with the kids or for a serious training, all activities can justify an appropriate attire. Considering the multiple options available and the different qualities let’s review together the five most common mistakes about sports clothing.

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Training in the evening: Why not do it outside?


Experts constantly say it, moving has great benefits for health. But did you know that doing physical activities outside is even more beneficial? Here are some proofs:

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What to eat before you go on an active nature outing


More and more people are moving toward outdoors sporting activities, particularly this winter and it is perfect! Be it a cross-country skiing ride, a snowshoe excursion, or a hike, it is important to put the right kind of fuel in your body to maximize your energy output and enjoy your day outside.

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Sebastien, kinesiologist at Olympe since 2006


I have been part of the Olympe family as a kinesiologist for the better part of the last 14 years. What I like the most about the health and well-being in the workplace is that it is where I can reach a maximum of peoples at the same time.

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What is Pilates and what are its benefits?

By Ava Khaksar
Olympe Kinesiologist

Pilates is a sport based on the knowledge of one’s body through kinesitherapy exercises. Pilates is based on four fundamental principles: breathing, movement control, center of strength and the fluidity and precision of movements. Pilates exercises are often conducted on the ground and require both mental and physical concentration. Pilates fits people of all physical condition and age. Here is a look upon the beneficial effects of this activity praised by the media!

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Physical exercise is the best medicine


In the era of chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, cancers, asthma, depression, etc.) constantly on the rise, partly linked to a sedentary way of life, a lot of people are looking for THE best medicine that will solve all their health issues.

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Jacobson’s Relaxation technique


Progressive relaxation also known as Jacobson’s relaxation technique includes tensing muscle groups followed by relaxation of each group which has various health benefits on the response to stress.

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Ergonomics behind the wheel

By Lysandre Le Bel
Olympe kinesiologist and prevention expert in ergonomics

The more time a people spend in a car, the more they must apply certain ergonomic measures to make sure they stay comfortable, healthy and safe.

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