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When Healthy Rimes With Novelty: 4 Wellness Trends to Try


Many of us know about traditional wellness activities: yoga, relaxation, spa and meditation are usually part of the lot. In the last few years, many variations have been added to the list of activities that all have the same goal: allow us to find and take care of ourselves. Here are 3 trends and ways of thinking that remind us that wellness is a priority.

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Eat greenly, is it easy?


For the past few months, we’ve noticed a green breeze going through Quebec: more and more environmental initiatives have made their appearance in different spheres of the daily life. Gestures to reduce our environmental impact are numerous, diversified, and often way simpler than we would think!

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Hydrotherapy: Wellness Above Else


If water can benefit the practice of some sports, it is also a key element of relaxation and wellness institutions. Hydrotherapy, this method of treatment which uses water at the heart of its activities, comes in three different forms with different uses. Let’s explore three aspects of a this sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but always enjoyable cure.

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Varied Activities for Varied Spheres


If many companies still haven’t undertook actions related to health and wellness, many other businesses are well-advanced in the implementation of their program.

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Reading, the Key to Well-Being


Both exercise for the brain and relaxation activity, reading combines many qualities specific to personal fulfilment and well-being. If you’re still hesitating about whether or not to include this activity in your life, this article describing the benefits of reading on the body and spirit will know how to convince you.

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Is there a physical ability that you can’t train?

By Stéphanie Boivin
Olympe kinesiologist

The main reasons to engage in physical activity are already well-numerous and extremely varied. Some people train to gain muscles, some do it to evacuate stress. Some target performance, others think of their health, first. I suggest we look at two uncommon advantages to practice physical activities.

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Skin and Sun: Better Information, Better Protection

By Mylène Poirier
Olympe kinesiologist

Who says summer says sun! Wether you’re at the beach, hiking or practicing your favourite sport, chances are you’re exposed to UV radiation. Tanning lover or not, here are a few things to remember about sun exposure.

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Ergonomics: An Effective Way to Prevent Work-Related Injury

By Bianca Régnier
Olympe kinesiologist

Ergonomics, a science meant to adapt work or tasks to the physical abilities of workers, could considerably reduce the number of work-related injury and health trouble, while simultaneously improving productivity and work quality. Ergonomics notably includes

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Acroyoga, to what purpose?

By Stéphanie Boivin
Olympe Kinesiologist

What are the benefits of practicing acroyoga? That is a question that keeps getting asked! This relatively unknown sport resembles acrobatics, practiced according to the fundamental principles of traditional yoga. Here are three spiritual benefits and three physical advantages of acroyoga.

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Enjoying Fresh Air


Summer is the perfect timing to bring our indoor activities outside! It is also a good moment to learn about new activities either made unavailable or unappealing by winter. Here are some of them:

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