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Maintain a healthy and active lifestyle while working from home

By Alexandra Fournier-Gonthier
Olympe Kinesiologist

One of the biggest problems from working at home is inactivity. Our main reaction to a busy workload is to sit for as long as possible until the task is done. Before you know it, hours have gone by and you have not moved from your chair.

Prolonged sitting can affect metabolism, increase blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol, and lead to weight gain. Staying in the same position for more than an hour affects the muscles of the back, neck, hip flexors, hamstrings and calves, causing pain.

In addition to preventing all the above-mentioned elements, physical activity brings many benefits on physical as well as mental health. We can mention, among other things, its preventive effect on depression, anxiety disorders, reduction of stress hormones, increased self-esteem and its power to boost your immune system!

Considering the current circumstances, we invite you to maintain/adopt a healthy lifestyle. Here are some ideas to help you become or stay active while working from home:

1- In periods of confinement and teleworking, it is important to keep a schedule
You can make promises to yourself that you will exercise every day, the chances are you will find excuses to miss it out. Just as you plan your agenda to organize your workload and meetings, you should find time to exercise. You could even use the time you usually spent in the morning to prepare, have lunch and go to the office for exercise. Also try to stick to your sleep hours and stay away from screens after a certain time.

2- Get up and stretch every hour
At home, you are less likely to move than at work, so you need to find other reasons to move! If necessary, set an alarm to remind you that it’s time to get up. Whether it’s for a cup of tea or just going up and down the stairs several times, leaving your desk at least once an hour for a minute will help you stretch, relax and improve your focus.

3- Take advantage of phone conversations to get moving
If possible, outside or take advantage of the space available!

4- Make sure you have healthy snacks and meals in your kitchen
The risks of snacking at home are greater, so it may be worthwhile to prepare your meals in advance and keep fruits and vegetables already washed and ready to eat. Remember that avoiding unhealthy snacks at home starts in the supermarket. You have more control over your lunch and snacks because you can choose not to buy them in the first place.

5- Go out for a walk once a day and take the opportunity to bring the children and/or the dog
Nothing better than going outside to get some fresh air! Spring has finally arrived, take the time to go out and why not introduce running.

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